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Allen D Hertz founded the firm in 2009 to provide quality and ethical services to Inventors. Mr. Hertz is a creative individual that has a unique talent for understanding a broad number of technologies, which lead to a natural knack for inventing. Mr. Hertz filed a Patent Application for his first Invention in 1991 and currently holds 37 Issued US Patents. Many of Mr. Hertz’s Inventions were developed into products and made available to the general public through direct manufacturing and sales or licensing.

Mr. Hertz applied his natural mechanical nature and interpersonal skills to Engineering, Technical Lead, and Management positions at Motorola, Racal-Datacom, CopperCom (an industry leader in central office and Voice over IP equipment), and several contract manufacturing companies. While at Motorola, Mr. Hertz’s innovations led to a position on the Motorola Patent Committee.

Mr. Hertz was thrust into drafting and prosecuting Patent Applications Pro Se’ as a result of a combination of his prolific inventing, limited financial resources, and need to support a lawsuit for theft of intellectual property. The lawsuit provided first hand experience in the value of a quality patent application. After successfully resolving the lawsuit, it became evident that Mr. Hertz should share his talents with other Inventors. In 2001, Mr. Hertz obtained his Patent Agent’s registration with the United States Patent And Trademark Office with the focus of helping others protect their inventions.

Mr. Hertz prides himself on client relations and the quality of work. Mr. Hertz has helped Inventors obtain over 52 Patents through the firm and over 87 Patents through work as “of Counsel” with other firms. Mr. Hertz’s unique background, thorough knowledge the patent process, and interpersonal skills enables him to represent clients with quality service.


sliderThere are many reasons to work with a patent agent. Protecting your invention is important. Make sure the practitioner you find is right for you.


sliderOur Patent Agent provides various intellectual property services including Patent Searches, Provisional Patents, Utility Applications, Design Applications, PCT Applications, Request for and Prosecution of Re-Exams, Appeals and other Patent related work.

Technical Know-How

sliderOur experienced Patent Agent has an expansive engineering background and real life experience that enables him to understand and protect a wide variety of inventions. Our Firm has prepared various types of patent applications including simple to complex mechanical inventions to complex software inventions.

Excellent Support

sliderOur team is passionate about proctecting the ideas of small businesses and independent inventors and understand how important it is for you to be able to reach us. We will ensure every phone call or e-mail is returned. Contact us today to discover how we can protect your idea.

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